Professional Fur Appraisal

Did you know, there is a difference between an, Insurance Appraisal and a Professional Furriers Physical Appraisal?

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Insurance Appraisal ~VS~ Professional Furriers Physical Appraisal

Sellers often have an unrealistic expectation of cash value, when selling their pre-owned fur coats or jackets.

What is very important to know, is that there is a big difference between an Insurance Appraisal and a Professional Furriers Physical Appraisal.

Insurance Appraisal. This is a document written for a fur coat owner, for the soul purpose of Insurance value of the total retail replacement cost only. It covers the probable cost of a brand-new fur coat, that is similar or exactly like the one you currently own – i.e. what it would cost to replace your fur coat if it was stolen, lost or destroyed, with a brand-new fur coat of the same fur type, length, size, style and quality in today’s economy.

Professional Furriers Physical Appraisal. If you are currently interested, in selling your pre-owned fur coat, what you need to be truly aware of, is the actual cash value of your pre-owned fur coat, in today’s used fur coat market, which is not at all what your Insurance Appraisal was even created for.

The current used value of your existing pre-owned fur coat will be significantly less, than the Insurance Appraisal, which is only used to determine the replacement cost of a brand-new fur coat through your house insurance.

Remember, that any item ,is only truly worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

The price we offer for pre-owned fur coats is objectively determined by a Professional Furriers Physical Appraisal, which factors in such things as, the age of the fur coat in its current condition, fur skin dryness, smell of fur coat due to improper storage, length of fur coat for recycling value.

This procedure can only be performed by a, Professional Furriers Physical Appraisal.

Please note, is not a free fur appraisal service. Our objective is only to determine if we are interested or able, in recycling and purchasing your pre-owned fur coats.

We also reimburse the shipping cost of pre-owned fur coats shipped to our depot.

Please recognize, that any pre-owned fur coat over 5 years old, in today’s anti-fur society, no longer holds a value of over $300, due to age and anti-fur activism.

If you are hoping for more then $300, selling a biodegradable item made from animal skins, over 5 years old, no one in the used fur coat industry, unfortunately can help you.

We are a recycling and buying service, only for those who understand these parameters.

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