Cash For Fur Coats

Recycling Pre-Owned Fur Coats For Cash

Fur Banned in New York & California- Other States to follow!

California becomes first state to ban animal fur products with New York close behind. Fashion or faux pas? Fur coat animal rights groups have been fighting the battle for many years on fur, and it looks like they have come out triumphant. With fur trapping already banned in the state, this new law will bar […]

Should I Recycle My Pre-Owned Fur Coat?

One of the most popular questions we get is “should I recycle my pre-owned fur coat?” Furs depreciate significantly each year whether they are used or not, being a biodegradable product made from an animal skin, they can eventually dry out and this does lead to fur skin’s worst enemy Dry Rot making the coat worthless. The […]

Millennials and Fur

Portrait of a young woman wearing a coat and hat

Global warming has had a part on the demise of fur coats, fur is not as desired as it once was for warmth, so we tend to not wear them because we find them heavy and cumbersome. Activists such as PETA, GREEN PEACE, have made buying or selling fur coats very uncomfortable for consumers due […]