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2020 – I have tried for years to sell these unused fur coats and the cost to try was huge to the point I nearly given up, when I googled and found the most unique company ever in Canada I had no use for 2 fur coats that were given to me. I was nervous about sending my very expensive coats to Canada, but Cash for Fur Coats was great at communicating and answered all my questions so quickly. Great company! They paid via paypal $500 for my coats which covered previous sale attempts and postage…. Thank you Andrea for such a great experience. This is the place to sell your old fur coats!

Mary Stratmore, London, UK


2020 – I had two fur coats that were very old I was no longer wearing and thought they were mink. I emailed Andrea and got a very fast response via email. The coats were sent for their evaluation. They were not mink but similar. They gave me feed back once received . I learned much from their knowledge. I was paid a fair price, money issued immediately via PayPal, and would highly recommend their services.

Darlene Rau, Darlene Rau-Benicia Ca


2020 – Such an easy site to sell an old unwanted fur coat that I just was not using for some time now for sure, thanks for the quick and easy PayPal payment Andrea. After 2 years of trying to sell on various online platforms, including eBay, also in consignment stores with no success, glad to have finally found Cash For Fur Coats, try them you won’t be disappointed, I sure wasn’t!!

Roxanne S, NY, USA


2020 – I had no use for the fur coat that was given to me. I was nervous about sending my very expensive coat to Canada, but Cash for Fur Coats was great a communicating and answered all my questions so quickly. Great company! Thank you for such a great experience and some easy cash. This is the place to sell your fur coat if you no longer use it!

Melissa Rossero, Pittsburgh, Pa


2020 – What a wonderful company so easy to work with, Andrea paid me right away using PayPal which was so easy, wish I would have started here 3 years ago, it has cost me much to just do advertising and trying to sell my old fur coat, but thanks to Cash For Fur Coats it no longer is an issue in my closet, thank you Andrea!

Giselle Aslom, Houston, TX


2020 – Thank you for your service! Very honest and responsive. I will recommend you to anyone needed to sell a fur. Paid immediately via PayPal was so much easier then trying to sell the countless others ways I tried, I guess furs and California just don’t seem to have the necessary market place thanks again CFFC.com!

Lora S, California, USA


2020 – EXCELLENT COMPANY IS ALL I CAN SAY! I sent them some real bad pictures but I didn’t know what esle to do with it, but they were able to help me right away, letting me know the coat was a fake fur and not worth anything Thank you Andrea! You saved me a lot of time trying to sell this useless fur coat I thought was real, I wish I had NEVER bought!



2020 – Although I was hoping for a higher price for my coat, I understand the reasons that made that not possible. I believe the evaluation & $ determination was very fair, especially considering the current economy, animal activists making wearing fur coats not fun anymore, and just my general dislike for wearing them myself also! Thank You CFFC no one else is buying these fur coats from owners like myself!

Barbara Larsen, USA





2019 – Aloha! selling my fur coat in Hawaii was impossible finally found Cash For Fur Coats on the internet, got some great cash value and shipping was even paid these people know there stuff nice working with you Andrea and thank you!

Gudrun Derrick, Oahu, HI


2019 – Had 2 fur coats tried for years to sell, no one wants these old fur coats anymore, thank you so much Cash For Fur Coats a great company that pays cash for old unwanted fur coats that no one else will even consider buying anymore! You can trust this company and Andrea to do what it says!

Gary P. Stansfield, Goshen, NH USA


2019 – These guys make teddy bears and recycle into other projects which is a great idea seeing no one wants to wear these fur coats anymore, what an eco friendly company, they pay you immediately via PayPal,  what your coat is worth in the used fur market, which hasn’t much interest or value any more, seems like electronics have taken over that market, the bears are cute and such a great idea thanks CFFC!

Jon Puddy, Ottawa Canada


2019 – Wonderful company with great attitude and trustworthy values , tried so many places to sell my fur coat Cash For Fur Coats was the only success I had, thank you Andrea for recycling my unused fur coat! Interac.com email bank transfer direct to my bank was also an easy payment procedure, Thank You!

Lori B, GravenHurst, ON.


2019 – Everything was easy, great and quick. Very satisfied, I have tried everything to sell my fur coat from fur retail stores, consignment stores and online sites with no luck, CashForFurCoats.Com was so easy and paid more then I was hoping and was very fair. Thank You Andrea your definitely a smart and trustworthy business person, and I love that my old fur coat can still be recycled!!

Kathy Aikins, New York, USA


2019 – All I can say is if you ever need to sell your old fur coat this company is awesome thanks CFFC.com!

Gunner Simons, Los Angeles, CA


2019 – Thank You Cash For Fur Coats this was much easier then the last 5 years I’ve been trying to sell this mink fur coat every which way found Andrea easy to communicate with, Andrea you were right PayPal was very easy form of payment to use, Thank You!

Samantha Macy, GA, USA


2018 – I had a BlackGlama Mink fur coat for 24 yrs. and no longer needed it. I didn’t know what to do with it, so I contacted Cash for Fur Coats after searching Google. I had seen their ad on TV many times. I emailed them and they gave me instructions on how to mail my coat to them. At first I was hesitant but took the chance. After they received my coat they promptly sent me $500 via Interac Email money transfer. They were very professional and I would recommend their service to anyone who is wondering how to dispose of an unused fur coat, Thank You Andrea.

Jessica Lochhead, London, Ontario


2018 – Smooth transaction. Great service. PayPal was such a great way to get instantly paid love it, Thank you CFFC.com what an awesome recycling idea!!

Jim Stevens, New York, USA


2018 – Great company does what it says it is going to do, and pays immediately using PayPal thank you CFFC, I have sold them 3 fur coats so far and no one else in all of the USA was even remotely interested in buying them. This is the place to deal with selling old fur coats!

Sheila Dupee, USA


2018 – It was years before I finally Googled Cash For Fur Coats to sell this fur coat that no one seemed to want thanks CFFC for a job well done!

Eleanor R, London,UK


2018 – I had a great experience dealing with Andrea! She provided me with an estimate via email after I sent photos of my fur. I was then given instructions on how to package my fur for shipping. After shipping my package out, immediately upon receipt of my fur, Andrea contacted me to make me an offer (which was the same amount as she estimated). After I accepted the offer, the money was sent by etransfer within minutes. This is a totally legitimate and trustworthy business. I highly recommend them! Great communication and fantastic customer service.

Sherri Stocks, Whitby, ON


2018 – Excellent is all I need to say about CFFC they purchased my fur coat for $300 and immediately paid me via paypal, I have been trying to sell for 3 years without any success until I found Cash for fur coats on a Google search, I will definitely tell others who I know would love this service thank you Andrea!

Rebecca Shalmar, Texas, USA


2018 – Cash For Fur Coats thank you so much for helping me finally make some cash out of my fur coat, 5 long years of trying to sell without any luck until now, to anyone out there doubting Cash For Fur Coats,  Andrea is all about honesty and getting the job done thorough information and quick payment thru PayPal, Thank You Andrea!

Samantha Weisburg, North Dakota, USA


2018 – This is a great company to use if are looking for something to do with a fur you may have no use for any longer. The process was easy and fair. I would highly recommend this company! Even paid immediately using PayPal very efficient indeed. Thank You Cash For Fur Coats I appreciate your honesty and efficiency on the sales of my fur coats.

Mary Kanakaris, Virginia, USA


2018 – Best way to sell a used fur coat hands down paid immediately using interac email transfer, I finally got more then I could get anywhere else which I tried for 3 years selling thank you Andrea and Cash For Fur Coats you are awesome!

SYLVIA WILDING, Ontario, Canada


2018 – I was unsure about sending in 5 fur coats from my mother’s estate after her passing, but when I couldn’t find any other interested buyers I figured I would give it a try, after communicating with Andrea on the phone she seemed straight forward and made me feel reassured so i shipped the coats which they paid for the shipping, it was easy and I would recommend there service to anyone. They paid me 1500$ via email bank transfer so glad I found Cash For Fur Coats, Thank You Andrea.

Yolanda Martin, Toronto. ON


2018 – Could not believe how easy it was. Just mailed 6 fur coats to Cash For Fur Coats, and in a week they recieved them. Offered me money, it was in the bank via interac transaction in five minutes. Very reputable company and I would recommend to anyone. Thanks Cash For Fur Coats.

Debby Welsh, Mississauga, Ontario


2018 – What wonderful company to deal with, what more can I say, finally sold all my fur coats I had tried selling for numerous years, thank you Cash For Fur Coat, this company is by far very trustworthy and very reputable! They paid immediately after physical evaluation of the fur pelts via email www.interac.com bank transfer easy and quick, so happy to have found this great upcycling company!

Carolynne Kat, Toronto, Ontario


Dec 2017 – Great company to say the least I had been trying to sell 4 fur coats for 5 years off and on, no one seems to be the slight bit interested in old fur coats, but with Cash For Fur Coats once sent via mail and they arrived, Andrea assess them very quickly and the the next day paid 600$ cash via PayPal, all in 2 week period from time of mailing to arrival thank you thank you! This company is awesome made room in my closets and cash in my wallet can’t say enough good things about this recycling company Cash For Fur Coats try them you won’t be disappointed!!

John Espar, New York, USA


Nov 2017 – Awesome customer service. Very ethical and extremely fast PayPal payment. Great to do business with, I will be referring a lot of friends tried so long to sell my Lynx fur coat, thank you so much CFFC!

Roxie Demler, New York, USA


Oct 2017 – Cash for Fur Coats was a pleasure to do business with. Andrea was most courteous and prompt in answering any questions I had. The transaction was conducted quickly via PayPal. I would definitely recommend this website to anyone trying to sell an older fur coat.

Marjorie Mattel, New York, USA


Sep 2017 – Cash for Fur Coats which I found thru a Google search was a pleasure to do business with. Andrea was most knowledgeable, courteous and prompt in answering any questions I had. The payment was made by USD money order which is what I asked for and was as fast as the mail could go. It was a long time trying to sell my fur coat even here in the cold climate of New Jersey just no interest in wearing furs anymore I guess. I would definitely recommend this CFFC.com to anyone trying to sell an older fur coat. Thank You Andrea.

Sandra Booth, New Jersey, USA


Aug 2017 – What a great company tried selling my fur coat on eBay and couldn’t get the success I got with Cash for fur coats, they paid via PayPal immediately wow. I would not hesitate to reccommend this company to anyone who has a fur coat just hanging in a closet, great company thanks Andrea!

Chad Hudspeth, USA


Jul 2017 – This is by far the most amazing way to recycle an old fur coat that absolutely no one I tried to sell to wanted, thank you Cash For Fur Coats, payment was immediate upon fur examination via PayPal thank you.

Hector Chumpitaz, USA


Jun 2017 – Fast, reliable service. Would recommend Cash For Fur Coats to anyone who wants to sell their fur coat. Great service paid quickly by way of www.interac.com.

Roberta Gullage, Ontario


May 2017 – I considered CFFC.com a great company and very responsive service. They have been patience and gave me fair price for 21 year old Mink Coat. It is not easy to find places to sell a fur coat in USA. I surely would recommend other people about this. Thank you very much for your excellent service and quick payment via PayPal.

Michael Palm, New Jersey, USA


Apr 2017 – Unbelievable it was so easy and effortless, highly recommend it to all looking to get rid of those old unused fur coats. Andrea at Cash For Fur Coats made it very easy even for someone that is computer challenged as I am. Sent in pictures they told me what to expect sent in the Fur Coats 3 to be exact, and response was the same day after it was received, with a interac online cash payment direct to my bank, thank you CFFC. To bad more places could not be that organized. Thanks so much Andrea glad to finally see these coats of some use.

Wendy Jacobs, North Bay, Ontario


Mar 2017 – Best Site I’ve ever come across to recycle an old fur coat and get paid quickly via paypal, you won’t be disappointed, thanks Andrea!

Deeann White, Arizona, USA


Feb 2017 – Excellent idea to sell and recycle your old fur coats that were no longer worn or appreciated, nice to think they will be made into cuddley teddy bears. The service, prompt email replies to any questions and the instructions for mailing my fur coat were all very simple and straight forward, CFFC were very professional and payment was received promptly.I would recommend this company to any of my friends that are also looking for an avenue for their old fur coats. Thanks again Andrea. Gaynor Parsons, Goderich, Ontario

Gaynor Parsons, Ontario, Canada


Jan 2017 – Put me down as a very pleased customer! I found Cash For Fur Coats through searching the internet for solutions to sell my fur. I submitted the information on my fur and received a response very quickly. I have to admit, I was a little nervous to send my fur to Canada but cash for fur coats was great! They were prompt to respond to my inquiries. They gave me a fair offer and I am very pleased with the whole experience! Also being paid via www.paypal.com was easy and fast Thank you Andrea.

Joyce Thurman, Indianapolis, Indiana


Dec 2016 – I inherited a genuine mink coat and scarf from a family friend. It used to be his mother’s and he told me the item would sell easy wasn’t the case, until I finally found CFFC.com thanks Andrea glad it could be used for something!

Sueann Nickerson, USA


Nov 2016 – Very speedy response from Andrea. The real thing. It’s hard to sell a fur coat these days… this was very easy. You can trust what you read here. CFFC is very honest and reputable! They immediately paid upon evaluation using www.interac.com, thank you for the quick and professional service.

Claude Dijon, Montreal, Quebec


Oct 2016 – WOW!!! is all I can say these guys are fast reputable and paid instantly using paypal tried selling for 3 years no luck with Cash For Fur Coats that all changed thank you!

William Morrison, California, USA


Sep 2016 – I had a mink coat that had not been worn in several years. Andrea was very responsive to my needs and I got a fair price and the money in my paypal account within a week from sending the coat to them they even paid for the shipping. Thanks!

Rhonda , Dickinson, ND


Aug 2016 – What a great recycling company cashforfurcoats.com, wish I had found you 5 years earlier, there is nothing more to say then try this company it will really make you happy with there knowledge and fair price paid via www.paypal.com for older fur coats! Thank You.

Deeann White, Chicago, USA


Jul 2016 – I was so pleased that I could finally unload my fur that was a dated look for me. This service was prompt and they are very knowledgeable about furs and fur types. Thank you Cash For Fur Coats !

Wanda Winchester, Vancouver, BC





May 2016 – I highly recommend Laurier from CA$H FOR FUR COAT$ to anyone interested in recycling fur coats. He is a gentleman, a pleasure to do business with and a man of his word. I sold them 5 fur coats they paid promptly and even the shipping was taken care of Thank You CFFC & Laurier!

Wayne Meierdiercks, Pennsylvania


Apr 2016 – Cash for Fur Coat$ is a very professional and fair company to do business with. The transaction of shipping and corresponding with them was easy to work with. If I contacted them it was little to no time before I would get a response to any question or concern I had with a clear and direct answer. They are much more better to deal with rather than some of the other buyers on line or ebay.It was a pleasure dealing with them and I was satisfied with my price. They even paid for shipping of my fur coat. Thank you so very much for working with me in the selling of my fur coat.

Carmen M. Woodson-Wray, Indiana


Mar 2016 – CFFC was able to buy fur coats from our charitable organisation department that were donated via our church congregation and we couldn’t sell, we tried various ways but just seems no one is interested in fur coats anymore it was easy with Cash For Fur Coats and for such a great cause Gods Kingdom thank you and God bless Laurier!

Luke Browning, Kansas, USA


Feb 2016 – I had 2 fur coats that I couldn’t sell thanks to Cash For Fur Coats I was able to sell and make space in my closet Thank You!

Mary-Jane Sorenson, Kelowna


Jan 2016 – My fur coat had been sitting in my closet for years and sadly the style was outdated. Cash for Fur Coats is a trustworthy and reliable business that purchased my coat. Thank You Cash for Fur Coats!

Sonja Menton-Urrico, Medford, New York


Dec 2015 – Awesome company right at Christmas time when I needed some shopping money not a useless fur coat in my closet, I was able to sell my fur coat easy as pie, Andrea is a sweetheart to work with and paid immediately via www.interac.com which I immediately deposited in my bank account thank you Cash For Fur Coats all the best in 2016.

Lynn S, Ontario, Canada


Nov 2015 – I discovered CASH FOR FUR COATS.com during my quest to find an alternative use for my fur coat.  This is a company that purchases and recycles old fur coats into other desirable fur items such as pillows, bears, blankets etc.
I sent my coat to them and found them to be very helpful, fair, and straightforward in their communication and subsequent purchase offer.  I am so pleased that I found a way to re-purpose this outdated fur.  Thank you Andrea and Laurier for your honesty and sincerity.  I recommend your company to anyone.

Marilyn Moore, Cobourg, Ontario


Oct 2015 – What a great company recycled all my 3 coats for cash paid via www.interac.com and for the shipping also, was so darn easy wish I had found this company 3 years ago thank you so much Andrea.

Susan Galerena, Ontario, Canada


Sep 2015 – What a great recycling process easy for communication, Andrea was a breeze, so helpful and polite, immediate payment via www.paypal.com I would highly reccommend this company for those fur coats no wants anymore. I now have new shoes and money leftover for other things, rather than a fur coat in the closet not being used, thanks Andrea your the greatest.

Karen Kautzky, IL, USA


Aug 2015 – So glad to have researched the web for this company to recycle my fur coats paid immediately via PayPal great experience thank you Cash For Fur Coats.

Stephanie Weinstein, USA


Aug 2015 – Excellent recycling company Cash For Fur Coats sent me a cheque no problems, I have tried selling this fur coat for over 5 years no takers it is so sad but CFFC is recycling them into pillows for others to enjoy, thanks Andrea.



Jul 2015 – This company is truly legitimate and operates as advertised. They can pay you immediately by Paypal which is very quick.

Debbie Werntz, USA, NY


Jun 2015 – Thank you so much for the easy sale and payment really glad to have finally sold this fur coat. You were right PayPal is so easy to use for payment.

Sonia Viscount, California, USA


May 2015 – Great recycling company gave me a fair price which I had no luck trying to sell for 3 years now, and paid via USD Money Order immediately which worked out so wonderfully for me, and now I have $300 cash rather then an unusable fur coat that no one wanted to buy at all, thanks CFFC.

Caryn Treister, Jensen Beach, Fl. USA


Apr 2015 – Cash For Fur Coats thank you so so much, finally got rid of my mom’s fur coats that was left to me in her estate 2 to be exact. Andrea was fun and easy to work with and paid via paypal immediately thank you CFFC I would completely without any hesitation recommend this wonderful recycling company !!

Bobby Hassleloff, Sayreville , NJ


Mar 2015 – I was worried about sending my furcoat a couple provinces over let alone sending it to another country like some many USA sellers do! But good choice! I was not let down, they were fair, reliable and ready to answer all questions, and they paid immediate via www.interac.com to my email. Don’t hesitate, send your coat away CFFC is reliable and trustworthy for sure thank you.

Dolard Leblanc, Ontario, Canada


Feb 2015 – Tried some USA companies that consign but they could not sell after 2 years and many dollars spent CFFC was fast and immediate via PayPal wish I had gone here first.

Mary L, USA, NV


Jan 2015 – Totally awesome thanks for all your help and quick PayPal payment which I can now use on eBay shopping!

Costance McFarlane, USA, FL


Dec 2014 – Amazing recycling company is all I can say, selling a fur coat these days is near impossible Cash For Fur Coats made it easy and paid me with PayPal immediately highly recommend this great company, Thanks!

Elena Grundel, USA, WV


Nov 2014 – So glad that I found Cash For Fur Coats on Google been trying to rid myself of these useless inheritance of 3 fur coats which was proving to be worthless until I found CFFC. After short email communications and shipping procedures I was paid immediately via www.paypal.com after there evaluation, couldn’t have been any easier after trying to sell for the last 3 years online thanks again Andrea very fine lady to deal with.

Hector Chumpitraz, Spain


Oct 2014 – Couldn’t have been any easier also tried selling locally for years no luck what so ever, thanks Andrea Cash For Fur Coats made it easy and fast using PayPal!

Karen Kowalke, USA


Sep 2014 – Don’t even hesitate, great company pays immediately also if your okay dealing thru PayPal which was super easy, thanks Andrea & the gang! Cash For Fur Coats is a great recycling company!

Bonnie Dexler, USA


Aug 2014 – I’m amazed that I had to finally send my fur coats to a small city in Canada to sell, though apprehensive at first, Andrea guided me easily and cordially thru the whole process, I was paid immediately via PayPal so I’m very happy, yet for 4 years trying to sell in New York city the fur capital of the USA I had no such luck, I’m forever grateful for CFFC and the internet, most of all for the ease of receiving money via www.paypal.com!

Maria Bernstein, New York, USA


Jul 2014 – Danka Cash For Fur Coats, even in Sweden it is hard to sell old fur coats, you were right PayPal was easy and internationally available!

Eva Guttenberg, Sweden


Jun 2014 – This was so easy I wish I had found this site 4 years ago, also PayPal was immediate payment for items I couldn’t sell anywhere else thank you Cash For Fur Coats glad you could recycle my inherited coats!

Tonia Harbinger, USA


May 2014 – Thank You Cash For Fur Coats you made it easy and fast after 5 years of not being able to sell these 11 fur coats even in a cold mountainous climate such as Colorado, it seems that we are becoming more and more anti-fur society or uninterested at all in wearing old fur coats, good to see a company like Cash For Fur Coat still recycling them into pillows & bears also they paid $4000 immediately via PayPal thank you. I have another 19 pieces coming!

Genna Sorty, Colorado, USA


Apr 2014 – All that has to be said is great company paid right away using PayPal and for 3 years I could not sell this fur coat, looks like they are obsolete in today’s society thank you CFFC.

Sharon S, Michigan, USA


Mar 2014 – We are glad to say that the follow-up and attitude of the company Cash For Fur Coats has been terrific. There was not even a problem sending a large donation of furs to Cash For Fur Coats, you would all be well advise to use this great recycling program for all your fur coats taking up space in your closet! The cash is easily received using www.paypal.com thank you CFFC.

R. Scott, Victoria BC


Feb 2014 – All I can say is this is a great company to sell old fur coats which are no longer used… they paid immediately using paypal.com and better then any price I tried getting,  I advertise locally in so many venues unsuccesfully, as no one seems to want these fur coats anymore thank you Cash For Fur Coats!!

Sam Belafonte, Calgary, AB


Jan 2014 – I sent my mink fur coat to Cash for fur coats in canada and they offered me a fair price ,better then anywhere else that I have tried selling to, thank you Andrea it was a pleasure dealing with you! Cash for fur coats is far more easier to deal with, even trying to sell on ebay is very hard, trying to give all the proper measurements on a fur coat for anyone else interested in selling these items is not an easy task thank you CFFC paypal was so easy and quick!

Beth Hahn, West Windsor, New Jersey


Dec 2013 – I sent my $7000.00 black mink fur coat after talking with the buyer at Cash For Fur Coats, upon receiving I was contacted and presented an offer and was paid immediately via paypal, I got more then I could ever get selling any where else!!  You will be happy selling here there is no doubt it is a very good place indeed Cash For Fur Coats thank you!



Nov 2013 – Cash for fur coats bought fur coats from our charitable organisation department we couldn’t sell, it was easy and such a great cause thank you and God bless you were right paypal was quick and easy to use!

Jim Flaherty, Wisconsin, USA


Oct 2013 – I’m so very pleased with cash for fur coats I tried selling my coat in London for 3 years with no luck cash for fur coats paid immediately by paypal and were honest and fair in all areas of this transaction! Thank you Laurier!

Jennifer Fairchild, London, England


Sep 2013 – Cash for fur coats was quick and easy to work with, I sold my 5 year old fur coat for 1200.00 and they paid same day immediately upon receiving the coat and after inspecting it, by using paypal! Though I paid much more only 5 years ago I tried to sell thru so many avenues with no success what so ever, until I came here to cash for fur coats thank you for the pleasant experience hope some nice teddy bears get made up for some one.

Irina Smile, New Jersey


Aug 2013 – You would think that selling a fur coat in Iceland would be easy, but it still took finding a company in Canada called Cash For Fur Coats to finally make this happen, thank you for the ease of this sale, I guess no matter where you live if people don’t want a fur coat you still need to find that elusive buyer somewhere, CFFC made it so easy with PayPal thanks!

Bjorn Siemen, Iceland


Jul 2013 – Thank you so much CFFC for finally buying my fur coat I have continuously tried to sell here in Norway for 7 years, PayPal was so easy to use and well worth it!

Robert T, Norway


Jun 2013 – Just when I was going to give up trying to sell my beautiful full length mink fur coat, since non of my girlfriends or daughters wanted it for free, go figure, I found this great company on the net that gave me more then enough for my coat, was so glad to sell it, was easy being paid by PayPal also thank you CFFC!

Rita Wellington, CA, USA


May 2013 – Wow!! is all I can say, I tried for a long time to sell these 2 old fur coats, thank you CFFC and they paid immediately using Paypal.

Chris Pettinella, USA, FL


Apr 2013 – Great company to recycle fur coats to was finally able to sell my wife’s fur coat after unsuccesful attempts in so many areas, thank  you CFFC payment was done via www.interac.com so easy and fast very reputable company!

Jack Reck, Canada


Mar 2013 – just a fantastic company recycling and buying items I just couldn’t sell anywhere else thank you Cash For Fur Coats paypal is a great way to get paid by so very safe!

Sheena Easton, Big Apple, USA


Feb 2013 – Great service! I was concerned I wouldn’t get my money after sending my beautiful fur coat. However, I received an e-mail stating they evaluated it and what they would give me and said they would send payment by pay pal or mail. So I got my money and am glad to get rid of my coat as I had nothing to do with it but look at it hang….thanks again!

Caryn Treister, Portsmouth, NH


Jan 2013 – I searched online and found Cash for fur Coats. They were amazingly easy to work with. I received great directions and a deposit within 24 hours of their receipt of the coat. Would recommend them to anyone!

Jillian Ryhmer, Tampa, Florida


Dec 2012 – What a fantastic group to deal with. Instructions were clear and concise and the communication was great. Payment via PayPal was also a breeze. Will most certainly deal with Cash for Fur Coats again without reservation. Thank you.

Bryan G, Des Moines, IA USA


Sep 2012 – I sent 2 fur coats for evaluation and price. I didnt think it was quite enough. So they agreed to return them to me. I would reccomend them for at least an evaluation attempt, who knows you might get more then you expected, I should have sold though I still can’t get nothing for them anywhere oh such is life!

Samuel Firstone, Maidstone, VT


Aug 2012 – The process was seamless and quite simple. The price I received for my coat was much more than the coat was worth to me hanging in a closet. It was fair and I received it promptly after the ccoat was evaluated. I did not anticipate how lengthy the wait would be, and I did get antsy for a minute, but all fears were allayed when I received an email stating that the coat was received and an offer was made. Thank you for great customer care. I am pleased, and others will be pleased as well if they have a need for this service. Thanks again.

Gloria Adams, Miami, FL


Aug 2012 – Just want to say what a great service Cash for fur Coats provided me with a few fur coats I had in storage for many years in Ontario, while I’ve been in BC. They were extremely helpful with information they gave me on how to get my coats to them and were extremely professional and trustworthy, they made me feel at ease with my decision to do all of this without even meeting them, just conversations over the phone and through e-mail and made me understand that although I felt my fur coats were worth alot, this day and age coats that are 20+ years old even though they had been in storage every summer since they were purchased and in full storage for 8 years after I moved to BC, the value and need for fur coats have diminished greatly, but they made the transition run smoothly and now we have come to an agreement beneficial to both of us. I would definitely recommend Cash For Fur Coats to anyone who needs their services. Thank you Andrea

Karen G, BC, Canada


May 2012 – Customer service was wonderful and factual. I certainly would encourage others to use this great recycling concept for old fur coats other don’t want!!

Lisa L. Ruffolo, North Versailles , PA USA


May 2012 – you won’t believe the ease and great service of selling your fur coat with this company excellent thanks!

Freda Mason, USA


Apr 2012 – My mink coat sat in my closet for many years before I found Cash For Fur Coats. They were very honest and quickly paid me for it. I highly recommend it!!

Madeleine Kolodziej, Simi Valley, California


Apr 2012 – Where can I sell my fur coat was my question, after 5 years of trying even on ebay I was so glad to have found CFFC, they were great responded immediately, and www.paypal.com is a wonderful and fast payment method Thank You!

Evelyn Howard, Austin, Texas


Apr 2012 – I am so pleased with the service and the professionalism. I have sent out several coats and would not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone. Thank you for your honesty and prompt response. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Janet R

janet radacsy, USA


Apr 2012 – I decided after this winter (and feeling guilty after watching the movie “War Horse”) to sell my fur coat. The local high end consignment shop stops accepting coats after January. Luckily, I found this website. The service is great and I received the money quicker than expected. Absolutely would do business with you again!

Danielle S., Connecticut, USA


Apr 2012 – Cash for Fur’s sent me the money as soon as they got my fur coat – via PayPal. Hooray for legitimate, honest businesses.

Anna Carson, Seattle, USA

Mar 2012 – I had a woman’s used possum-lined trench coat L 30 excellent condition, I was finally able to sell to CFFC after trying for years here in Switzerland…. even in Europe nobody wants these items anymore, thank you CFFC payment via paypal was fast and useful!

R Pearlman, Neuch?tel Switzerland


Mar 2012 – Terrific to deal with, excellent communications, couldn’t be more honest, trustworthy and helpful. Highly recommended!

robert gardner, manchester uk


Mar 2012 – I saw CFFC’s commercial on TV a few years ago and figured I’d check them out when the time was right for me. When I saw the commercial this year I contacted them. Their response was prompt, courteous, informative and their evaluation was fair. They told me how to ship my coat and their payment was quick. Thankyou for taking my coat and putting it to good use. Good luck with your business!

Sally R, AB, Canada


Mar 2012 – i have sent them my coat and was very satisfied with comunications and service. they paid me within days. very happy to find such trustworthy people.

judith disilva, pa


Mar 2012 – 1 fur coat that took 3 years to sell, finally cffc helped me out, they are everything they advertise while other furriers only promise nothing thanks!

Sheila F, USA


Mar 2012 – 1 google search and I was finally able to find a reliable buyer for my older fur coat was tired of consignment promises and furriers who couldn’t doing anything but false hope . CFFC actually showed me the money thanks!

Rita McFarlane, PA, USA


Mar 2012 – So glad I was able to find someone to buy my fur coat thank you!

Janet R, USA


Feb 2012 – All I need to say has already been said, this company works great for selling old fur coats thank you CFFC!

Jessica Holt, CA, USA


Feb 2012 – Often people suffer because of their uncertainty, well rest assured that at CFFC they say what they mean, and none of the consignment jargon most website try to promise, they actually pay cash and via paypal which was immediate thanks CFFC! CIAO

Lucianno S, Milan, Italy


Feb 2012 – Why I never found you sooner is a mystery but thank you for making this fur coat sale so easy!

Robert Sturtz, Palm Springs, USA


Feb 2012 – simple and easy is all I will say of selling my fur coat to CFFC.com, paypal payment was immediate thank you, took 3 years to find a company like yours no one wants these old fur coats glad someon can recycle them!

Frank B, USA


Jan 2012 – I was a little leary at first but after reading the testimonials and calling c.f.furs my mind was set at ease. I sent furs away, got an appraisal and finalized in less than 4 days total. Really great people to deal with. This is not a scam. Good way to rid the closet of old furs and gain some cash. Thanks all of you at cash for fur coats. They used bank transfer method for payment so easy.



Jan 2012 – I had a size 10 fox fur Jacket I paid $12,900.00 some 20 years ago, never wore the jacket had been in storage at Sakowitz fur here in Houston for 17 years needed to sell, CFFC made me a offer I couldn’t refuse thank you.

Johnnie Marshall, Houston. Texas


Jan 2012 – CFFC thank you for finally being able to sell my old fur coats. PayPal was so easy to use!

Rhonda Scouten, USA


Jan 2012 – I tried selling a silver fox coat on ebay when that didn’t work CFFC was able to help. My coat sold today and it is simply beautiful transaction. It was packaged very nicely and it arrived very quickly. I will be selling other fur items to them in the near future! Thanks CFFC!

Tammie Sykes, Chicago,IL


Jan 2012 – Was finally able to sell my fur coat to CFFC tried other avenues but nobody wants these items anymore paid immediately via www.interac.com so it was quick and easy!

Laura Nicholas, Ontario, Canada


Dec 2011 – Great customer service!!!! Highly recommend CFFC!!!! Paid me immediately via paypal thank you CFFC!

Nerisha W, Breinigsville,PA


Dec 2011 – I would like to the opportunity to provide you my feedback you are a 5-star company. All 100% delighted, I sold my fur coat Christmas Eve and it was everything I hoped for price wise. Thank you very much. Thank you, Thank you!

Sandi Mueller, USA


Dec 2011 – Excellent company to deal with, finally was able to sell these fur coats after trying for 5 years thanks CFFC!

Elisabeth Constantine, CALIFORNIA, USA


Dec 2011 – Great service,great fur coat evaluation and great price!!!! We will do again. Thanks CFFC every furrier I got appraisals from filled me with unrealistic hope of amounts of money not attainable, not here it was but your money where you mouth is approach, & pay immediately via paypal thanks again CFFC telling anyone I can that have old fur coats to recycle!

Ben Luk, Rhode Island, USA


Dec 2011 – Excellent service quick paypal payment thank you CFFC so glad I was able to sell this fur coat finally!

Elisabeth Constantine, USA


Dec 2011 – I received my beautiful coat and was really delighted with the quality and price. A pleasure to deal with this company, quick delivery and all dealings with them were delightful. Cold today so was able to go out in style – thanks so much.

Kristine Thatch, Spanish Fort, Alabama


Dec 2011 – Wish I had found this fur coat recycling company 5 years ago is all I have to say, from start to finish prompt,courteous, and immediate paypal payment  after they evaluated the coats, perfect for some christmas shopping cffc is great!

Karina Holstead, USA


Dec 2011 – It was a pleasure doing business! They provide detailed instructions for sending in your fur coats for evaluation; they state the probable outcome of the transaction. They keep in constant communication and the offer of sale happens quickly. I accepted their offer and my PayPal account was credited immediately. I highly recommend CashForFurCoats.

BetteJane Rolli, Philadelphia PA USA


Dec 2011 – Excellent is all I can say sent some fur coats couldn’t sell any where CFFC ebvaluated them immediately sent me the money via RBC interac, now I have cash for some Christmas presents and room in my closet, Thank You CFFC.Com!

Alicia Gilsword, Peterborough , Ontario


Nov 2011 – Thanks so much for your very quick response regarding the selling of my fur coat that was over 22 years old and haven’t worn since I lived in NY. I tried to sell on ebay and contacted every site I saw on google no one would buy my coat. You guys sent me an email right away and very honest in the amount of what it was worth. Was also glad I could donate if you didn’t want to buy it. Thanks again Annette

Annette Battaglia, GA, USA


Nov 2011 – My experience with cash for fur coats and Andrea was top notch. I would recommend anyone to do business with this company. They were prompt about answereing emails, and very knowledable about furs. Payment was easy and fast.via paypal, I had a very good experience and would use cash for fur coats again.

Laura Hankins, Argyle, Texas, USA


Nov 2011 – Real easy is all I can say, never thought I would ever sell this fur coat I inherited, I tried for years, thank you CFFC.COM they also paid right away via RBC interac to my CIBC bank thanks again great recycling company!

Tammy Sharp, Vancouver, BC


Nov 2011 – I looked up sell your fur coat on google and the first web site I came up with was CFFC.COM…it was also the website with the least complications to evaluate the fur coats. Their service was incredible and the speed of the payment via paypal was even faster. Thank you for the money!!!

Kevin Flores, USA


Nov 2011 – WOW what a great place to sell old fur coats, totally on the up and up, completely effecient in every way and paid fast via paypal also thanks CFFC.COM

Larista Wesley, USA


Nov 2011 – thank you CFFC.COM tried for 4 years to sell this coat so glad there is still someone left willing to recycle these old fur coats! Lighting fast payment via paypal also thanks!

Laura Siemens, NC, USA


Nov 2011 – I was delighted to find a place like CFFC that would utilize my beaver fur coat from many years back. The only suggestion for its use here in Colorado was to take it to an animal shelter and let them cut it up for use as bedding. It was nice to know there was some value for it, in spite of its age. Thank You CFFC!

Terri Davis, Colorado Springs, USA


Nov 2011 – I would recommend Cash for Fur Coats to anyone. They responded quickly to my emails,gave me a fair evaluation based on the age and condition of my coats and paid me very quickly.

Virginia Warren, Regina, SK


Nov 2011 – Great company CFFC,I shipped my fur coats via usps postal, as soon as they received them they emailed me, paypal me the money and it was done promptly. I would highly recomend them totally amazing for fur coats I just couldn’t sell any other way. Thanks CFFC!

Anthony Becker, Orlando,FL, USA


Nov 2011 – I was very easy to deal with cash for fur coats. They were very print in answering my emails and giving instruction on how to send the coats to them. At first I was a little wary of sending the coats but it was a very rewarding experience and I did read all the good reviews from this testimonial page. I was very glad I did deal with CFFC and Andrea as it turn out very well for me. Thanks Andrea for all your help and direction in this venture. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to get cash for no longer worn fur coats. Thanks

Janet Billo, Dartmouth nova scotia


Oct 2011 – I was very pleased with your quick response to my request to sell two fur coats. The instructions for sending them to CFFC were clear and the response was fast and seemed to be an honest appraisal for my coats. The check was sent promptly. I was very pleased with your service and would certainly recommend your service to others.

Margrit Shoemaker, USA


Oct 2011 – Four fur coats that hasn’t been worn for years and I was so happy to have found CFFC via the web. It was easy with Laurier’s direction and he was great to deal with. So,at the end I got my money which was very important. I was paid via RBC interac email immediately so easy so great thanks!

Suzanne Y, Vancouver, BC


Oct 2011 – Great way to sell that unwanted fur coat hanging in the closet! Prompt service and wonderful to deal with! Thank you! Paid immediatly via RBC Interac couldn’t have been any easier thanks CFFC.com!

Janice H, Victoria


Oct 2011 – It is great to find a company who delivers what they promise on their website. Easy and safe way to recycle used fur coats, highly recommend them. LOVED BEING PAID BY PAYPAL ALSO THANKS CFFC.COM!

Chris M, Calgary, AB


Oct 2011 – I found CA$H FOR FUR COAT$ to be most helpful and informative. They were fair with their price and a pleasure to do business with. Also they paid immediately via RBC email interac what a great company thanks!



Oct 2011 – great company cffc.com they were the only ones that would buy this fur coat, I tried for 2 years to sell privately via many facets wasn’t very succesful, also cffc paid immediately via paypal, all I can say is it was easy smooth and reliable, wouldn’t hesitate to do it again thanks y’all!



Oct 2011 – I shipped as they suggested and it all worked out great. Received my payment via pay pal.

Sue Walters, USA


Oct 2011 – I was very impressed with Cash For Furs; I was at first skeptical about sending my furs to them, but my fears turned out to be a very positive experience. Great company, fast responses and quick to getting you your money. I would recommend them any day. Thanks again!!

Debbie O., Windsor,Onttario


Sep 2011 – Great company easy transaction defenitely the place to sell an older fur coat, paid immediately via paypal thank you!

Sierra Holten, NY, USA


Sep 2011 – Thanks, yes my check from you cleared. I was a little skeptical at first, but I figured what the heck, I wasn’t using the coats anyway. The people at cash for fur coats especially
Andrea were very helpful. Thanks, Bev Walsh USA

Bev Walsh, NJ, USA


Sep 2011 – When my mother passed away a few months ago, I had the tremendous task of figuring out what to do with everything. The furs were a challenge until I found the Cash for fur coats website. Right from the beginning Andrea was very prompt in responding to questions and amazingly accurate. This correspondence and professionalism gave me the confidence to send the coats to her. I am truly pleased to find a company that will trust and can be trusted to recycle these fur coats.

Nicole Alvarez, Riverton, NJ


Sep 2011 – Thank You so much CFFC tried for years to sell this fur coat so glad I found your site, never knew it could be this easy!

Leslie Cairns, Alberta, Canada


Sep 2011 – Possibly the easiest transaction I’ve ever done via the internet into another country, CFFC evaluated my 2 older fur coats and paid immediately via PayPal, I tried here in the USA for 2 years with no luck to sell my 2 mink fur coats, but thanks to CFFC that no longer is on my list to do. Very reliable & trustworthy company from first email response to immediate PayPal payment, thank you CFFC!!

Zena Celeste, Georgia, USA


Sep 2011 – Best company ever had to deal with regarding selling old fur coats, CFFC is reliable trust worthy and pays immediately via PayPal, thank you, no one else wants these old fur coats anymore, even in New York where the weather in wintertime warrants having one and every second store is a fur store go figure thanks Andrea & CFFC!

James West, NY, USA


Sep 2011 – After getting over the fear of sending my fur to someone I have never dealt with before (in a different country), it turned out to be the easiest transaction possible. Any email I sent was answered almost immeediately. After receiving my fur, CFFC made me an offer within one day. I accepted the offer that same day and within an hour, no kidding, the money was transferred to my PayPal account…no stress at all. THANK YOU CFFC THIS WAS EASIER THEN EBAY!

Brenda LaBarge, Manlius, New York


Sep 2011 – I had a fur coat that I was not interested in keeping anymore. I googled where I can sell my fur coat and Cash for fur coats pops up. They are good at responding to inquires. Once I sent my coat in for evaluation they responded with immediate PayPal payment. Thanks Cash for fur Coats. I would recommend you to anyone who is looking to sell their furs.

LaMarkus Guynn, Indiana


Aug 2011 – My husband sold his fur vest it’s a sliver fox and he got money for it, so glad cffc you help me thank you.

Lorraine Duggins, Canada


Aug 2011 – cash for coats did exactly what they advertise they took my coat that was sitting in my closet and made it into cash! i was happy with the offer and the fast payment i recieved from them . I RECOMMEND CASH FOR COATS TO any body looking to sell there coat

raul zaldivar, USA


Aug 2011 – I was very hesitant sending my fur coat to Canada from the USA, but everything went perfectly. The service was excellent, I got my payment very fast via paypal and am very pleased. So long to that fur coat just sitting in the closet and hello money. Highly recommended and a very trust worthy company.

Donna B, Pennsylvania, PA


Aug 2011 – I would  use this company again but don’t half too since I finally sold my fur coats. They paid right away I received the check. I had tried to sell my furs previously but in Florida that is impossible and no one wanted them, they also paid for shipping and which was part of the fur sale. This is one great company don’t hestitate to use them, in this depressed society selling furs is hard but not with Cash For Fur Coats, thank you your great and the money was a blessing too!

Arnold Grandt, Florida


Aug 2011 – This is one easy site to use for the final sale of my fur coat which for 3 years I have tried to sell, also paypal was a quick and easy payment procedure, thank you Cash For Fur Coats for all your help! This is a very wonderful company for recycling that old fur coat!

Elisabeth Constantine, USA


Aug 2011 – Nice & easy is all I can say thank you CFFC from the UK!

Willamena T, London, UK


Aug 2011 – I inherited a beautiful mink coat from my sister-in-law but I would never wear it. No one around here would buy it so I finally found Cash For Fur Coats in Canada and emailed them. Very quick response, they looked at photos I sent them, we finally took the chance and mailed the coat. They evaluated it to be older than I thought, but were very fair in sending me $ including shipping immediately.I would definately recommend working with this company…I appreciated the honest help I got through them.

Leila Gangstad, Northwood, Iowa USA


Aug 2011 – 300$ via paypal thanks CFFC.com couldn’t even give this fur coat away tried for years, awesome company to sell your old fur coat to give them a try won’t be disappointed!

Emily Sanborn, NY, USA


Aug 2011 – Cash for Fur Coats was easy to work with and quick on their response. I feel I was given a fair price for my coat. I would definitely recomend this company people are just not interested in buying fur coats anymore and CFFC recycles them which is great all around thank you CFFC.

Keith DeClerck, Oregon


Jul 2011 – I googled where I could sell the furs I received after my parents death and Cash For Furs popped up first. Their communication was excellent and prompt. Everything went smoothly and their integrity was first class. Thanks

Barb Snowden, California


Jun 2011 – While I would have loved to get more money for my coat, CashForFurCoats offered me as much as I could actually get, I’ve tried selling for years nobody wants these fur coats anymore, also CFFC purchased immediately and their payment was lightning fast via PayPal. Thank you CFFC!

Barb J, Wisconsin, USA


May 2011 – Great communication and very trustworthy. I as very satisfied with their service. Can definitely recommend. Thank You so much Andrea @ CFFC.com!!

Beth O’Hara, Cincinnati


Apr 2011 – All I can say is wow!! I have for 3 years now tried to rid my self of my beautifull mink fur coat, even in a cold climate like Chicago I couldn’t which amazed me but people just don’t have that affinity for them anymore. Cash For Fur Coats was an unbelievable company to deal with, I was apprehensive at first to ship my fur coat to them for recycling but it was not selling here and had no more avenues to try and there testimonial page made me a believer. What a pleasant surprise trustworthy and after the physical examination of my fur coat payment was immediate. Laurier thank you you have a wonderful idea and great honesty!

Sheila Roche, Chicago, USA


Mar 2011 – Cash For Fur Coats is exactly as they make themselves out to be…honest, fair, dependable and reliable. They did exactly as promised, when promised and stayed in touch throughout the process. They offered a fair and reasonable amount for my used furs and in truth it was like getting paid to recycle! It really is a great way to make use of these items and a wonderful company to do business with.

Mike B, Missouri, USA


Feb 2011 – I had a sheared beaver vest that I couldn’t sell. After picking it up from a consignment shop where they tried for a long time to sell it with no success, I found cash for fur coats on the internet search and they couldn’t have made it any easier, I sent in my vest they evaluated it gave me a price and send the payment right away via PayPal. They were honest and reliable. Thank You CFFC!

Carol Campbell, New Jersey, USA


Jan 2011 – I thought for sure in a city like New York I would have no trouble selling a fur coat, my God it is cold here, but no I ended up finding a Canadian company on a Google search who was able to help me out. Thank you Cash For Fur Coats Andrea was great with her knowledge, responses and quick PayPal payment when coat arrived and was physically evaluated, thanks!

Sarah Fergusen, NY, USA


Dec 2010 – I was very much impressed with the courtesy, professionalism and ease of transaction that I experienced with Cash For Fur Coats. I had been put in charge of finding a home for three furs that were part of my mother-in-law’s estate. After doing considerable research, I happened upon CFFCs and was elated that they could recycle the coats and give me a fair cash amount. The process was simple, quick and equitable.

Patricia Smith, Kentucky, USA


Nov 2010 – After extensive communicaton, I sent my coat to this company. We agreed on a price of $60.00. They sent a check immediately. I was lucky to even be able to finally sell this fur coat no one else wanted it thank you CFFC.

Carolyn Raymond, Ames, IA


Oct 2010 – “The data at CFFC was great and I really appreciated the level of effort you put out to make sure everything was handled quickly and correctly. I will definitely recommend you guys. Thanks Laurier!” Martina Williams, Director A1Mortgage, LV, USA

Martina Williams, USA


Sep 2010 – I was so happy after years of trying to sell my fur coats to finally find a company that would buy them and sell my fur coats I was no longer using just hanging in the closet taking up space. Thank you CFFC your program is great way to make money from unsued fur coat.

Ruth Nelson, Texas, USA


Aug 2010 – I had a great experience with this on line company CFFC. They issued me a very fair price and once accepted my check was in the mail asap. Would recommend this company without and reservations. Finally someone you can trust. Thank You CFFC.

Sandra Boutsikaris, USA


Jul 2010 – I’ve been trying to sell a fur coat for years that was my own. I’ve tried everything to no avail. I emailed a description with photos, received an immediate reply to my liking, was instructed how to ship the coat, CFFC received and evaluated my coat promptly and extended a very fair and honest offer. I immediately accepted and a check was sent I would highly recommend CFFC to anyone who has an older unwanted fur coat!

Catherine Federal, California, USA


Jun 2010 – I too have been trying to sell a fur coat for years that was my grandmother’s. I’ve tried everything from yard sales to Craig’s List to no avail. The CFFC website via a Google search was very helpful. I emailed a description with photos, received an immediate reply to my liking, was instructed how to ship the coat, CFFC received and evaluated my coat promptly and extended a very fair and honest offer. I immediately accepted and within hours had the money in my PayPal account. I would highly recommend CFFC to anyone also Thank you!

Darlene Nowland, Arizona, USA


May 2010 – I’ve been trying to sell a fur coat for years that was my grandmother’s. I’ve tried everything from yard sales to Craig’s List to no avail. My wife found the CFFC website via a Google search. I emailed a description with photos, received an immediate reply to my liking, was instructed how to ship the coat, CFFC received and evaluated my coat promptly and extended a very fair and honest offer. I immediately accepted and within hours had the money in my PayPal account. I would highly recommend CFFC to anyone! Wow! Thank you!

John S, Pennsylvania, USA


Apr 2010 – Cash For Fur Coats great company really helped me out, getting rid of a few fur coats that were just so hard to sell thank you CFFC.



Mar 2010 – Great site to sell old fur coats for sure thank you CFFC.com

PATRIC ALLEN, Skaneateles, N.Y.


Feb 2010 – I tried selling 3 fur coats for some time now with no luck so glad I came upon Cash for Fur Coats in one of my Google searches. I was a bit apprehensive shipping to canada but they made it so easy guiding me along the way and I couldn’t believe how fast I was paid using PayPal. I’m so glad I found CFFC now I have cash I can use and room in my closet thank you!

Bonnie Suter, USA


Jan 2010 – I had a beautiful Black mink fur coat appraised by 3 different furriers here in California for 4500$, but none of them willing to even buy it from me for 200$. After 4 years of trying to sell I searched the internet and found Cash For Fur Coats. I was somewhat apprehensive shipping to Canada, but I shipped the fur coat to them, they evaluated my coat sent me 250$ via PayPal in all of 10 days.  I was happy to sell this fur coat I wasn’t wearing and wouldn’t be wearing ever, Thank You Andrea for being trustworthy, honest and so fast to deal with!

Joelene Gomron, California, USA


Dec 2009 – Fast response time; Quick payment via paypal; Fair assessment – thank you CA$H FOR FUR COAT$ ROCKS!

Melissa Shriver, New Hampshire, USA


Nov 2009 – Honest company, got back to me right away. Finally found a place to get rid of an old fur. Thanks CFFC.

Peggy Toner, California, USA


Oct 2009 – I found Andrea at Cash for Fur Coats online, From the time I contacted them through the time of receiving my check for my mink coat it was a very pleasant experience. They are fair and trustworthy. It was a very good experience!



Sep 2009 – Was extreemely skeptical at first, never thought this would be legitimate. Was pleasantly surprised! Trust them, its worth it!

Danielle Lewis, USA


Aug 2009 – Great service, fair price for coats, honest, rev’d payment very quickly.

Diana Myers, USA


Jul 2009 – Greatest and fastest service i have come across for turning old fur coats into cash hands down tried for 3 years I know!

Diana Weiten, USA


Jun 2009 – I googled ” selling fur coats ” and am happy to say I found Cash for Fur Coats. All communications were very prompt and pleasant. In the end my coat wasn’t worth very much because it was very old, but they explained why and sent me a check immediately. I tried so many ways to sell this fur coat but no one wants them it seems anymore. Thanks again Cash For Fur Coats and I hope it will be recycled in a good way.

Sandy Gordon, USA


May 2009 – What a great company had 5 fur coats was not able to find anyone to buy these fur coats, in todays anti fur society it is a big challenge, so Cash For Fur Coats defenitely came thru paid immediately via PayPal too, wow great company use them without any reservations they are everything and more of what they advertise thank you! Going to use the money for my grandkids!!! :<)

Harvey Garner, Yorba Linda, California


Apr 2009 – I must say that CFFC certainly did what they said they would do: Assess the coat, come up with a price, and pay promptly. It was simple, and efficient. Thank you.

George Fila, Mississauga, ON


Mar 2009 – I would definitely recommend Cash For Fur Coats as a great way to sell old furs. They responded to my emails promptly, evaluated my fur items fairly, and sent me a check (including reimbursement for my shipping costs) without delay. I feel good that at least some of the old fur items could be recycled.

Daisy Branin, York, Pennsylvania


Feb 2009 – Quick, honest and EASY. Good job CFFC wish I had found you 3 years ago. I spent so much time trying to sell with no success, but here CFFC took care of me and paid immediately Thank You!

Mary Scanlon, Naples FL


Jan 2009 – I was aprehensive about sending my very expensive coat to Canada, but Cash for Fur Coats was great at communicating and answered all my questions so quickly. Local Furriers told me the coat was worth a lot more but none would buy or even help sell, but Cash For Fur Coats put there money where there mouth is, Great company! Thank you for such a great experience. This is the place to sell your fur coat hands down!

Darlene Unruh, Benidito, MB


Dec 2008 – I was preparing to relocate yet one more time when I decided not to lug around – as usual – all my belongings any longer. That included my mink coat. I stumbled upon CFFC website while looking at my options. My first reaction was mailing my mink coat is out of question. Yet I mailed it — after some deliberation and email exchange; not only their communication is courteous, clear, and transparent but they also have strong presence with their fur buying events in west Canada. CFFC sent me my money the very same day they received my mink coat. So I liberated myself from maintenance expense and from lugging around a fur coat I no longer need, but also I recycled it and got cash for it. Service is prompt and immediate. I strongly recommend CFFC without hesitation.

Arpie B., Montreal, Canada


Nov 2008 – These people are exactly what they say they are – this is a well run business, honest, responsive and deliver what they say they will. I highly recommend them.

Barb Quinn, Montreal Quebec


Oct 2008 – I have tried for some years now to sell my fur coat and was not able too, but CFFC helped with that process thank you so much for all your help.

Renee Shordon, Ontario, Canada


Sep 2008 – I was worried about sending my furcoat a couple provinces over let alone you guys sending it to another country! But good choice! I was not let down, they were fair, reliable and ready to answer all questions. Don’t hesitate, send your coat away.

Racheal Gambel, Ontario, Canada


Aug 2008 – I had tried selling my fur coat on two websites without any takers. This was once a beautiful coat but the years had taken their toll. Cash For Fur Coats made an offer which I accepted. Now I have a lot more room in my cedar closet. Thanks for the good service.

Beverley Jodoin, Boucherville, Quebec


Jul 2008 – Thank You for buying my Silver Fox Fur Coat tried selling for awhile on various advertisers but no luck CFFC Rocks!



Jun 2008 – Very pleased with how quick and honest they were. Took less then a week for them to receive the coat, contact me and pay me, including shipping. They were also very honest about why they paid me what they could.

Ashley Klassen-Rau, Okotoks, Alberta


May 2008 – Selling my Badger & Silver Fox to Cash For Fur Coats was so easy I wish I had done it earlier, very honest & trustworthy company, they even paid me on the same day they received my 2 fur coats and assessed them via interac email transfer. I have tried other avenues to sell these coats but none worked as well or as fast like Cash For Fur Coats thank you so much.

Heather McDonald, Vancouver, BC


Apr 2008 – Its so nice to actually trust an online transaction!! I never talked to Laurier once over the phone. I never new he was a man till i saw his picture here. What a great experience. The thought that my grandmothers fur is being used for children’s toys and other crafts is just brilliant! Just an excellent all around experience, totally fair pricing and super communication. Thank you!!

Louise Nelson, Lethbridge Alberta


Mar 2008 – It was a pleasure dealing with a businessman and a gentleman ! 20, (yes, twenty) of my mom’s fur coats have all gone to a new home ! thank you. 

Brian KLYM, Winnipeg , Mb


Feb 2008 – Cash For Fur Coats was so wonderful..My coats have been hanging in my closet and I had thought of trying to sell them but didn’t know where to start. Even consignment shops don’t really want them. Laurier was so easy to deal with and went out of his way to set up a time to see me. Thank You Cash For Fur Coats Laurier your the greatest!!

Marilyn , Aurora,Ontario


Jan 2008 – Cash for Fur Coats is a professional company to do business with in my book. They were easy to do business with, courteous and extremely responsive. I was apprenhensive to send my fur jacket to Canada but Cash for Fur Coat was prompt with their communications and I recommend anyone wanting to sell their fur coat to do business with this reputable company. Thank you CFFC!

Dawn Roaf, DuPont, WA


Oct 2007 – Cash for fur coats rocks finally got rid of my mom’s fur coats that was left to me in her estate 4 to be exact. Laurier was fun and easy to work with and paid via paypal immediately thank you CFFC!!

Timothy Pitt, Berkley, California


Sep 2006 – I tried to sell my sheared beaver fur coat for 2 years now, cash for fur coats was quick and simple and paid via paypal safely and quick. Laurier defenitely knows what he’s doing and was wonderful to work with thank you, I needed the cash and had no more use for my fur coat which hung in my closet for the last 5 years now, hope you make some wonderful teddy bears!! This recycling old fur coats is a wonderful idea, good luck and thank you again.

Rebecca Brook, New Jersey


Sep 2005 – I googled where can I sell my fur coat and Cash for fur coats was prompt & courteous with their estimate, more then fair with their offer and paid immediately $350.00 via paypal! I tried so many ways to sell this beautiful fur coat with no success at all until I came to your site. I will admit I was apprenhensive in sending this $8500.00 Christian Dior mink fur coat to Canada but cash for fur coat never let me down via their communications by email & phone, thank you y’all for your great service! Ladies if you have a fur coat you wish to sell this is defenitely the place to come!!

Sherry Burgess, Houston, Texas