Welcome to CASH FOR FUR COATS - The Pre-Owned Fur Coat Recycling Program. We are a global company dedicated to recycling, rather than just discarding those old fur coats into our already over burden landfills. Cash For Fur Coats up-cycles old Fur Coats into ``New`` home decor items! Clear out your closet, get paid, and help us recycle, and sell your old unworn fur coat today!

Cash For Fur Coats

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Recycle Your Old Fur Coat

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How Do I Get Paid For My Fur Coat?
At Cash For Fur Coats we are succeeding to make the selling of your used fur coat process so easy and convenient, for all our potential fur coat sellers.

How Much is Your Old Fur Coat Really Worth?

Fur Coat Appraisal

It's so simple learning what your old fur coat is truly worth today. Many fur coat sellers confuse Insurance Appraisals replacement cost, with actual used fur coat cash value. Learn about the difference between, Insurance Appraisals replacement cost versus actual used fur coat cash value.


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