Cash For Fur Coats

Recycling Pre-Owned Fur Coats For Cash

Global warming has had a part on the demise of fur coats, fur is not as desired as it once was for warmth, so we tend to not wear them because we find them heavy and cumbersome.

Activists such as PETA, GREEN PEACE, have made buying or selling fur coats very uncomfortable for consumers due to fear or just plain public inconvenience, also there is no big demand for wearing or buying a fur coat that holds so much adversity in the market place today.

We are seeing a strong generational change with Millennials, who are the next buying generation, spending their hard earned status money towards the hope of new homes, cars, computers, social media electronics, used for Facebook, Twitter, etc., they are not buying fur coats, this is due to all the controversy with activists that is for sure, just to many other interesting items to buy today, not old out of fashion fur coats, that we baby boomers hope to get rid of. So Recycling & Upcycling rather than harvesting new furs is now trending and highly accepted in their circle and that is GLOBALLY.

We hope you will find our offers reasonable after all this information, if not we encourage you to try.

We also reimburse the shipping cost of up to $50, for pre-owned fur coats shipped to our depot.

If you have any questions, email us directly using this link.

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